Sunday, April 13, 2008

Still too hot

It's supposed to be cooler today, but I've been hiding inside since Church. Checking just now, it's a reasonable 77- way better than the 88 yesterday! Tomorrow is supposed to be even cooler. Course, it's still 78 in the house.

You can't tell Cicero it's all that cool, though. He's sacked out on the laundry heap on my bed. Must be nice!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's too hotttt

As a result of some unseasonal (HOT) weather, I've been messing with my projects and yarn on Ravelry. It's a good tool but you have to put in the time. No further on that: my Mac is demanding DVDs for an automated backup. While that is a good idea, it gets hot when burning DVDs and I'm hot enough already. In the house, where it's cooler than it is outside.

It's supposed to be spring. SPRING. You know, the season when it's sorta cool, can rain, and the flowers are all in bloom?

Wrong. A heat wave has hit Coastal Central California and it is plain hot. 88 near me, and probably 90+ downtown.

No. No photos. Well, perhaps if I get to the beach for a walk after dinner; sunsets are nice. But no photos of me, draped across a chair, drained of energy, and covered in sweat. NO!

Make it go awaaaayyyy.... Summer isn't due for another two whole entire months!

Hoping the weather is better where you live. . .

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flora is me Darlin: a Kitty Hug

Flora, my almost 14-year-old, is the most affectionate cat I know. . . but only to me. She's quite shy and hides from strangers. This photo is the only one I have of her precious kitty hugs. She places a paw on either side of my neck and stretches out, nuzzling my neck. If only the cheapie camera I had at the time did her justice!
Had I ever known when I got her what a blessing she was going to be. She was a foundling I nursed to health. Through thick and thin, she's been God's little dispensation, sharing kitty hugs where needed. And as befits a knitter's cat, she has never attacked Yarn Monsters in the Stash or even on my lap. What a girl!

Belogging about Yarnishness

While I like my other blog (Warts & All), I realized, once started, that cats and yarn belong separately from printing; and that I should pay more attention to theme. So cats and yarn is this. Make that yarn and cats. Hopefully. But the cats think _they_come first (sssshh!).
Also, I want to share things I've knit/sewn/become involved with. Just now it's a pair of socks, rather experimental in nature. I love crochet, but can't imagine walking around on it. So I knit a pair of anklets and am topping them off with crochet. No, I don't have a pattern. Just my usual Sock Recipe (cast on 64 st, needles size 1; knit [and knit. and knit. then knit some more] til done, making sure to throw in some heel stitch and a turning at the appropriate place. Decrease for toes. Done.)
I'll include a shot of one semi-finished crochet-top sock. No pattern to the pattern here, either. I'm Sperimenting as I go along. The crochet looks bigger than the knit ribbing. For now, that's OK. I need it to stretch as much as the ribbing does. I plant to top off the crochet with more ribbing. I likes my sock tops to tuck well under my pants legs.
Should you have any suggestions, please post! Hopefully I'll get around to posting some finished socks on Ravelry; and adding the ones from t'other blog in here too.