Thursday, January 5, 2012

Organizing yarn, what a thrill

Kindly put, my housekeeping is casual. In theory, I have had time to organize in the years since my dad died. I'm a sucker for a good theory, anyway.

Reality strikes in the form of mail that's never quite all answered, projects which take hiatus when I least expect it, and things I haven't gotten to quite yet. Life is so much more than housework, I say to encourage myself.

However. I try and try again to get myself organized so I can accomplish more. And sometimes an organizing tool reaches out and grabs me!

Perfect example: Trader Joe's wine bottle carrier. What a great yarn tote! It has six neat divided, skein-sized pockets and a pair of carrying straps. The best part is the price: 99c!

Each pocket has space for a pair of sock weight skeins, or even a long worsted skein. Needles can go right in next to their yarn. One pocket can serve for the work-in-progress. Several of these totes could sit inside a plastic tub, holding individual projects. Talk about possibilities! Best part is that they fold completely flat, so if not in use, storage is not an issue.

Yes, they even work for wine bottles. But that's a water bottle in the left pocket here :)

Whenever I find an interesting or tasty item at the above-mentioned store: "Trader Joe Strikes Again!"