Thursday, November 12, 2009

All Yarned Up

It's nothing I knitted myself, but oh boy I Can Has Cheezburger knit us a good one today!
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

April Surprise, Seasonal. It was hot today, too.

Gosh. One year later, and deja vu! It got into the high 70s today, and felt even hotter than that, since I've been used to spring weather until this weekend. Let's see if I can find another photo of kitties or knitting to post! Fortunately for me, it wasn't so hot I couldn't move. Whew.

handsome gentleman is a guy I've dubbed "Mr. Friendly," because he is. He wanders through the yard via the back porch about once a day. I say "about" because if I'm not home, I don't know he visited. But he's the fellow that drops by (literally!-- off the railing and THUMP onto the porch) to say hello. I really like that he does that. Growing up, that was exactly the sound our cats made when they jumped down to stare intently at the back door when they wanted in. But Miss Flora and Mr. Cicero are indoors-only cats. Mr. Friendly's cat-shaped thumps are exactly what this house needed to make it feel homey.

I almost got Mr. Friendly to enter the Print Shop Friday morning. I think if I had allowed myself more time out there he would have, but by the time he came by I was cleaning up and preparing to go on a hike in the afternoon. Ahh, well, perhaps someday he'll become my visiting Printers' Devil.