Friday, October 12, 2012

Back to Yarn Fumes

My first visit in a long time to a LYS. I'm too busy in my own town (don't ask!), but when wandering around Ventura with my friend we directed our steps to Ventura Fine Yarns, which is indeed.

Met my first skein of Madeline Tosh Merino Light (fingering). The pic below hardly does it justice. It is an emerald to beat all emeralds, greener and brighter than the pic shows. You might be tempted to call it turquoise, but the two skeins next to it were both a true turquoise: one light, one darker.

I think this will be a post-Christmas project. For now, I will fondle it occasionally and cruise all the great patterns on Ravelry to see what it wants to become when it grows up.
Since I've recently been captivated by lace knitting, this skein is just the thing!

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