Thursday, March 27, 2008

Belogging about Yarnishness

While I like my other blog (Warts & All), I realized, once started, that cats and yarn belong separately from printing; and that I should pay more attention to theme. So cats and yarn is this. Make that yarn and cats. Hopefully. But the cats think _they_come first (sssshh!).
Also, I want to share things I've knit/sewn/become involved with. Just now it's a pair of socks, rather experimental in nature. I love crochet, but can't imagine walking around on it. So I knit a pair of anklets and am topping them off with crochet. No, I don't have a pattern. Just my usual Sock Recipe (cast on 64 st, needles size 1; knit [and knit. and knit. then knit some more] til done, making sure to throw in some heel stitch and a turning at the appropriate place. Decrease for toes. Done.)
I'll include a shot of one semi-finished crochet-top sock. No pattern to the pattern here, either. I'm Sperimenting as I go along. The crochet looks bigger than the knit ribbing. For now, that's OK. I need it to stretch as much as the ribbing does. I plant to top off the crochet with more ribbing. I likes my sock tops to tuck well under my pants legs.
Should you have any suggestions, please post! Hopefully I'll get around to posting some finished socks on Ravelry; and adding the ones from t'other blog in here too.


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