Thursday, March 27, 2008

Flora is me Darlin: a Kitty Hug

Flora, my almost 14-year-old, is the most affectionate cat I know. . . but only to me. She's quite shy and hides from strangers. This photo is the only one I have of her precious kitty hugs. She places a paw on either side of my neck and stretches out, nuzzling my neck. If only the cheapie camera I had at the time did her justice!
Had I ever known when I got her what a blessing she was going to be. She was a foundling I nursed to health. Through thick and thin, she's been God's little dispensation, sharing kitty hugs where needed. And as befits a knitter's cat, she has never attacked Yarn Monsters in the Stash or even on my lap. What a girl!

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