Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's too hotttt

As a result of some unseasonal (HOT) weather, I've been messing with my projects and yarn on Ravelry. It's a good tool but you have to put in the time. No further on that: my Mac is demanding DVDs for an automated backup. While that is a good idea, it gets hot when burning DVDs and I'm hot enough already. In the house, where it's cooler than it is outside.

It's supposed to be spring. SPRING. You know, the season when it's sorta cool, can rain, and the flowers are all in bloom?

Wrong. A heat wave has hit Coastal Central California and it is plain hot. 88 near me, and probably 90+ downtown.

No. No photos. Well, perhaps if I get to the beach for a walk after dinner; sunsets are nice. But no photos of me, draped across a chair, drained of energy, and covered in sweat. NO!

Make it go awaaaayyyy.... Summer isn't due for another two whole entire months!

Hoping the weather is better where you live. . .

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